Holiday Countdown… 4 sleeps to Christmas (+ Awesome Giveaway!)

Did you know that the Christmas card custom began in early 19th-century from England?

At first, only very rich people could afford to send a card by post but after the first public postal deliveries began, ordinary people could send their cards, as well, for one half penny.

By the early 1900s, the custom had spread gradually all over the world and very soon home made cards became a very popular tradition.

How many Christmas cards have you posted so far and how many have you received?

4 sleeps to Christmas

Santa's official countdown clock says there are only 4 sleeps left until Christmas and we are SO excited about it!

Tonight, we are introducing you a gorgeous shaker card by Nancy Grace.

Bright Lights, Νancygracecreations

Nancy is a mum of twins. Her big passion, among other interesting things, is to create memorable cards that will reflect true and heartfelt greeting messages.

If you want to make your own shaker light bulbs, here is Nancy's full supplies list:

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