Holiday Countdown…12 days till Christmas (+Giveaway!)

Do you believe in Christmas elves? Of course, you do, otherwise who else could make the magic come alive and help Santa construct all these incredible toys at North Pole's workshop?

These tiny guys with the red costumes and the pointy ears not only help Santa with toys, children's letters and of course, reindeers, but with their magical powers they can find out whether you were naughty or nice!

Since Christmas is around the corner, behave yourself! A Santa's Elfy may have an eye on you.

12 more days till Christmas

Only 12 more days until Christmas and it is great pleasure to host Monica Taylor and her adorable Elf Christmas Card on our Holiday Countdown.

Monica Taylor, Eric & Erin Elf

If you are seeking for vintage inspiration, Monica's blog is your place. And don't be tricky by her formal morning work. At nights she is changing to a keen crafter.

Check out her list for all the necessary supplies and craft your handmade Elf card:

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Enjoy the spirit of Christmas with us!

The Linkdeli team