I am an old Project Manager user

In this case, welcome to the updated Project manager, now named LinkDeli. We have gone to great lengths to make LinkDeli, everything Project manager users wished for! If you have an active account on the InLinkz project manager, please create an account at LinkDeli, with the same email address. This will make the migration process easier so the remaining time you have in the old Project manager, will be transferred over to your new LinkDeli account. When the remaining time expires, you will need to purchase one of the available LinkDeli plans to continue. You can choose to transfer links from your library on Project manager, over to LinkDeli. Please check our migration guide here Your old project manager lists will work as usual, during the time you are still registered in the project manager and for all the time you are either on the trial plan or on a purchased plan on LinkDeli. The clicks that are produced from your Project manager lists will NOT count towards your total lead clicks that your LinkDeli plan offers.