Faster and easier product lists with the LinkDeli bookmarklet updates.

It is already a piece of cake to add any product link to your product lists, being an affiliate or not!

A much requested feature though, was to prevent duplicate links in your library and to be able to add those links at the very start of your list (any of your lists)

These two features have now been implemented:

As soon as you click on the bookmarklet, if the link exists in your personal library, you will not see that "Link exists" dialog anymore. 

The new functionality allows you to choose the list to add the link to and the position (first or last) in that list. Long gone are the days where you had to add the link and then edit the list to drag it all the way up to the top. It is just a click now. 

Moreover the first/ last placement functionality made its way to the links that are added for the first time as well. So in effect, you can now append or prepend any link you add from the bookmarklet, regardless of whether this link is new or was already there!

Great isn't it ?

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