How to Use the QR Codes to Promote Your Brand

The QR Codes, the little square maze-like boxes floating around everywhere, is a simple and effective tool you can integrate into your affiliate marketing strategy to more deeply engage your audience wherever they are.

As smartphones and tablets are becoming ubiquitous, QR Codes present a unique opportunity to connect new technologies users with multimedia digital content, making shopping easier for them and more lucrative for brands.

By using a smartphone, people can scan a paper-based content and have access to any information or destinations a brand indicates; that could be a blog, a Youtube channel, a Facebook page or even a list with affiliate products. Τhe importance of this capability is that it provides instant value to individuals and brands alike; Users can access a brand's website more quickly than by manually entering a URL and for brands it’s a cutting edge way to attract new audience, drive more traffic and increase conversion rates.


Why you should be using QR codes

QR codes allow brands to generate more leads, since they may appear on almost any object. They connect current and potential buyers with your links immediately, enhancing their shopping experience. Also, they are a great vehicle to incentivize young buyers visit your blog or your channel and interact with them in their language.

Where can you use a QR code

QR codes can hold a lot of information which make them ease to use. Here are some ideas on ways you can use QR codes to grow your brand.

1. Use it on a printed business card; lead people somewhere general, like your blog, your channel or a portfolio. You can even include links to all social networks you’re active with and grow your social fan base.

2. Integrate the code into your emails and direct people to an opt-in page or put it at the bottom of your e-mails as part of your signature.

3. Add it to PDF files, mail them to your audience and let them learn about your projects and the recommended products in detail. This is really helpful in cases where a shop does not allow affiliate links on pdfs, since the QR code points to your LinkDeli list, not the affiliate product links.

4. Use it on a printable setup sheet you have created for your courses or your workshops.

5. If you participate in a tradeshow, post a QR code with your resume on a blouse, a nametag or any other marketing material you use and spice things up due to people curiosity of what might reveal.

6. Use QR codes on your LinkedIn profile, Facebook or other social accounts.

What you can do with a QR code?

QR codes can store digital content, even hyperlinks, offering multiple opportunities to link to:

1. Your affiliate product lists, increasing your revenue.

2. Your latest blog posts, a post that went viral and want to share or a podcast that would add value to your audience.

3. A tutorial video for easy access or exclusive video content.

4. Your Facebook group page to build your following.

5. A discount or coupon. Including QR codes with an discount makes people feel excited about the offers to be revealed.

6. A subscription page. QR codes can act as effective lead magnets by getting people to sign up to your newsletter.

7. A personalized gift or greeting card on special occasions.

8. A special offer only for those who have attended a class of you.

How you can you maximize the effectiveness of QR codes

Some people might hesitate to use a QR code, so you may need to guide them on what they should do and what happens when they do. Add short instructions like "Scan this code to access the products for this project”, "Scan and get our latest video”. People who know what to expect will be much more inclined to scan your code.

Moreover, new tech in smartphones makes it much more easy, since they allow users to scan QR codes without requiring to download an additional app. The camera app is capable of scanning QR codes.

How to create QR codes

LinkDeli offers to users a QR generator to create QR codes for any (affiliate) list they build (except for your affiliate links, this list can also include links to your videos, your social pages or even special offers for targeted groups). 

The LinkDeli QR code is dynamic, which means that it allows you to change your list and re-direct people to your updated links, without having to reprint the code or replace it. This saves you time and offers you the flexibility to adjust your material whenever is necessary. 

Here is how you can create a QR code for a LinkDeli list:

1. Once you built a list, click on the "Printable list" button you will find on your dashboard to generate the QR code for this list.

2. You will be directed to a new page, where your Linkdeli list and a QR-Code will be displayed. 

3.  Take a screenshot of the QR code.

4. Save the image and use it to promote your affiliate brand.

Have you used QR codes to promote your brand yet? If not, we hope these ideas help you get started and make your next promotion campaign successful!