LinkDeli is getting awesome-er from your feedback

As we promised, this week we are getting back with a summary of the thoughts you shared in our survey as well as our comments on your remarks and feedback.

It was encouraging to find out that most participants are fully aware of how LinkDeli works and how they can make the most out of the service to increase their affiliate sales. They summarized the gist of LinkDeli in only three points:


  1. reduces the time needed to create a affiliate list
  2. streamlines how affiliate supplies lists shown up in blogposts and
  3. increases their affiliate sales

From your answers, it came up that at the top of your most favorite features are the HTML links, the functionality that allows you to embed affiliate products as text links into your posts with just one copy. You can find that feature in the Platinum tier!

Unsurprisingly, the YouTube links came right after in your preferences. It seems that the convenience to create affiliate links for your blogposts and use them at the same time on your Youtube videos is rated as invaluable. This is the main reason the Gold is the most popular plan.

Another great feature that you seem to love is the Social link for your Instagram account. Sharing your affiliate products on Instagram is a great way to drive more views, engagement and purchases to your affiliate links than ever before! In case you haven’t given it a try yet, take a look here. Set it up once and then simply update the links you want to be visible on Instagram from your LinkDeli dashboard with a few clicks.

The bookmarklet seems to be a valuable tool for our users as well. Although LinkDeli has been mostly designed for supporting and improving your affiliate sales, the bookmarklet helps you create lists with any links picked up literally from any website. That said, you can grab links for your lists not only from affiliate shops but also from any non affiliate store.

Regardless of bookmarklet's utility, the ability to find the affiliate products you need in just one place is great.Saves a lot of your time. Want more searchable shops in LinkDeli? Contact the shops you collaborate with and encourage them to integrate with LinkDeli. It is free of charge and it is a win-win for shops and affiliates. 

Templates lists are also high in your preferences as it speeds up the process of creating a new product list and saves your time from searching for the same products constantly.

The tracking of statistics does not seem to be included in your routine. The  LinkDeli Stats page provides valuable information, regarding your affiliate performance, so if you wish to generate more profit, it is recommended to learn how to interpret this data to better schedule your next affiliate move.

A quick reminder for new users

Several of the participants were users that make their first steps in affiliate blogging. A good source of information for them could be the LinkDeli channel as well as the documentation page and the blog. Of course, your questions and suggestions are always welcome as they are triggers for new help posts.

Feature requests

Regarding the features you asked for in the survey: Some are already there for making the affiliate linking earier for you and others have been scheduled in the upcoming updates. More specifically,

One of the things the new users worry about is how to grow their audience and their income, especially when someone is new in affiliate blogging. For a start, you can take a look at our posts here and here. And of course, you can reach out to us to submit any inquiry regarding affiliate.

Soon, a new widget feature will be available to LinkDeli that aims to grow shareability, discoverability and by extension, increase your traffic and sales. This feature will allow your readers to view in which projects you have formely used a product. This will result in more internal traffic between your blog posts and more sales as the readers, finding a product in more than one project attach more value to that product. This makes the sale easier for you.