Monetizing your influence!

The LinkDeli Platinum tier has a not-so-visible feature that might be of interest to many of our users.

As you can see on the Pricing page, there is available a "monetization" option, available only to the Platinum tier.

What that option does, is that enables you to earn money even from the link at the bottom of your widget, as this can be connected directly to our affiliate program.

To enable monetization you just need to go to your settings, and there, into your account tab. At the very bottom of the tab, you will find the monetization switch:

When the switch is off, your list will not display the "powered by LinkDeli" logo and your list will look like this:

When switching the monetization option on, the "powered-by" logo will show up and every click on it will take the reader to LinkDeli through the affiliate link which credits the user to you.

When a user picks a paid plan, you get a commission that starts from $15 per new Silver member up to a whopping $45 on Platinum members.

Of course, to receive any benefit from the monetization link, you need to apply for the LinkDeli affiliate program here:


Our affiliate program is open to all LinkDeli users of course! Even if you are not on the Platinum tier, you can still apply to promote LinkDeli and get a good commission.